By employing leading-edge approaches built on methodologically sound research and established theory, we provide our clients with the most efficient solutions to their research questions.

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Governments, private organizations, universities, and institutes across the country have utilized our expertise in federal standards to ensure the delivery of high quality data.

Survey Design & Development

Good decisions are based on good data. We understand the importance of high-quality statistics in informing discussion, driving decisions, and shaping policy at national, state, and local levels. CSM methodologists and researchers support the development of high-quality data through the review of relevant research, development of survey items, testing of instruments, and the coordination of task forces, forums, and technical review panels.

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  • Cognitive labs & focus groups
  • Web- & paper-based survey instrument development
  • Coordination of task forces, forums, & technical review panels to inform survey development and design
  • Research design & methodology
  • Sampling
  • OMB & IRB applications

Management of Survey Operations

High-response, high-quality data collection is crucial to the development of accurate, timely statistics. CSM’s expert staff bring over two decades of experience providing consistent, informed, and attentive oversight to the management of survey operations, including the data collection process.

We train and monitor interviewers; determine data collection protocols; monitor and modify data collection activities during field operations; monitor response rates; and design and prepare databases.

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  • Interviewer & data collection protocols
  • Interviewer training
  • Monitoring of data collection activities & nonresponse

Data Processing & Diagnostics

Producing high-quality, accurate, and well documented data is critical to supporting good policy and programming decisions. CSM delivers accurate and comprehensive datasets and detailed data documentation that support the work of federal, state, local, and international clients. Data that are comprehensively documented allow maximum usability for analysts, data collection sponsors, and the research community at large. Documentation limits the possibility of data being misused and facilitates appropriate levels of data analysis, as well as researchers’ ability to link the data with external resources, extending the data’s value beyond a single intended use.

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  • Data editing & data quality review
  • Streamlined data processing & analysis
  • Restricted- & public-use data files
  • Bias analysis & construction of weights
  • Data collection documentation & user’s manuals

Statistical Analysis & Dissemination

At the Center for Survey Methods, we believe statistics should be useful and accessible to a wide and diverse range of audiences. Our original topical papers highlight key survey findings and concisely synthesize multiple data sources using advanced statistical methods. We support data collection systems designed to rapidly collect, report, and analyze data on emerging topics.

CSM coordinates and oversees a range of data trainings, special forums, technical review panels, and task forces to support clients.


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  • Statistical analyses, from the descriptive to the complex
  • Specialized statistical reports, adapted to the needs of data consumers
  • Methodological white papers
  • Data training

Quality Assurance & Control

CSM is committed to delivering the highest standard of data quality assurance and control. We provide methodological and statistical research to measure and improve data quality and extensive technical review and analysis to ensure that statistical reports meet the most rigorous standards. We perform unbiased evaluations of data collection and reporting and develop thorough and efficient technical review processes for publications and reports.

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  • Evaluations of data collections & reporting
  • Development of statistical standards
  • Technical reviews of publications
  • Recommendations for data quality assurance
  • Participation in quality control workgroups & monitoring data collection activities