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Conditions for Learning

Conditions for Learning

The Center for Survey Methods (CSM) supports improved student and school performance through the Conditions for Learning (CFL) survey, administered in schools across the United States, including the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). The survey, which is both user-friendly and scientifically valid, assesses four core constructs within elementary, middle, and high schools: (1) a safe and respectful climate, (2) challenge/high expectations, (3) student support, and (4) social and emotional learning.

In 2012, CSM led the CFL survey’s transition from a paper-and-pencil survey to an online administration—a change that allowed for faster dissemination of data and results, allowing CMSD to collect the data at multiple points throughout the school year. CSM survey researchers and methodologists ensured that the survey’s measures remained methodologically sound and that the procedures for online administration were simple and user-friendly.

CSM now collects CFL data from students in Cleveland three times per year. For each data collection, CSM processes the data scores, analyzes student responses, and translates results into school- and district-level reports used to inform programs and policies aimed at improving student support and school performance management.

  • Click here for an example of a recent CMSD CFL report.




Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Services Provided

  • Survey Design & Development
  • Management of Survey Operations
  • Statistical Analysis & Dissemination
  • Data Processing & Diagnostics